It’s R U OK?Day and we’re calling on everyone to check in with the people in their world and ask if they’re really OK, not just today but every day.

The ups and downs of life can affect each of us differently. Sometimes it won’t be obvious that someone is struggling, but having the support of family, friends and close colleagues can help those close to us better navigate the challenges that come their way.

Don’t wait until someone is visibly distressed or in crisis to ask them how they’re really going. Make a moment meaningful and ask, “are you OK?” because your conversation could change a life.

If you want to support someone but aren’t sure where to start, follow these four steps:

ASK R U OK? – Pick the right time and place and ask them how they’re going.

LISTEN – Listen with an open mind and without judgement.

ENCOURAGE ACTION – Encourage them to do something that might lighten the load.

CHECK IN – Remember to check in again soon. Your ongoing care and support can make a difference.

Are they really OK? Ask them today.

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