Style of Play

The Rats Juniors style of play is focused around playing a fast running game that requires a high level of ball skill and fitness.

The game will be based around defence by creating an unbreakable wall that requires each player to work for each other. We will be a team that RESPECTS the opposition and drives high quality from within the group.

Ball Skills

High level of passing, all players are required to be able to pass left and right over 5m while running at speed.

Set Piece

Be able to fulfil your role and dominate in the area of set piece necessary.


All players will be required to complete a fitness test that will be conditioned to their position. We will play a fast-paced game that requires a strong fitness base.

Tackle Contest

Physical and brave.


Understand and learn your role. This is a key requirement to be a good team member.

Requirements and Commitments

The commitment of every squad member is a critical factor in each team’s success. The responsibility to commit 100% to the Rats program is vital in living out the values of the Warringah Junior Rugby Union. This commitment will help grow strong relationships within each team that will be a key in building a team first environment.

By taking your place in the Warringah Junior Representative team you will be required to commit to the trainings, games and travel. Once a team is selected it is compulsory for all players and coaches to attend all set sessions and games. You will be a part of a team and required to attend and be present to learn and help the team prepare for the State Championships or relevant tournament.

Training Commitments

The Junior Rats will train at least one day per week leading up to the State Titles. Coaches discretion as to training days, times and location changed – based on field availability.

Financial Commitment

There is a levy to cover the costs of uniforms, insurance and travel. Each player will be required to pay the set registration amount.


All accommodation costs will be at the players families own expense. It is your team’s responsibility to organise your own accommodation.

Club Events

WJRU will set a number of Club events through the year. All events must be given priority and be published by each age group coach and manager.


All training is to be based at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation. The WJRU has a storage area that is stocked with pads, tackle-bags, bibs, scrum machine, cones and other necessary training gear needed to run all sessions.


Every age group must have an open policy for selection. All kids who play within the Warringah District are eligible for selection and should have the opportunity to trial. Clubs who are eligible to trial for the WJRU age groups are; Narrabeen, Newport, Collaroy, Dee Why, Pittwater, Wakehurst and Terry Hills.

Village games will always take priority over Rats trials. Players will not be permitted to play in a Rats trial if they have not met their village club commitments.